terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2012

not Romeo and Juliet

(ou "Não podemos dizer que não temos nada")

Two heart-souls, age-alike in unity
in fair Verona, where we do not live,
from both their cores find one true love to be — 
their lips unite and they at last perceive. 
From forth two different times that seem apart 
a pair of star-bound lovers meet and know 
that obstacles along lie not in heart — 
'tis what their lives intend themselves to show. 
Yet, sure, problems shall come along the way, 
but them their joyful times will counteract. 
Sometimes troubles seem bigger than can say 
but greater's love than any side-effect. 
And now, with their permission and with yours, 
we shall proceed, heart-souls made one in cores.

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